Download Acharya


Currently, installable versions are provided only for Windows, Linux (x86 only), and Mac OSX. The link below will redirect to a mirror (DO NOT right click to save as..) :

If you are looking for a specific build, the sourceforge package page is here.

Source Code

The source code is available as a bzipped tarball and also as a zip file.

What's New

  • This release is a ground-up rewrite of the library and editor. This version uses Qt4, instead of FLTK. The library can now be made thread safe because it uses context structure instead of globals. We use a Piece Chain based data structure for the edit buffer. This in addition to Qt4's text buffer capabilities.
  • A new Find dialog has been added. The editor offers auto-completion and the ability to dynamically add dictionaries. The UI sports a visual keyboard for phonetic entry, and keymaps are pluggable.
  • Support for conjuncts with 4 consonants has been added for Oriya words like marttya (r + t + t + y). It is also possible now to expand to more than 4 conjuncts though it has not been implemented in this version.
  • ISCII support is now native, using generic syllable composition, instead of the old Inscript based reading. UTF-8 support comes from Qt4's text codec classes. Print support has been revamped to use Qt4 on all supported platforms.
  • The internals have been completely revamped taking into account new architectures and techniques (the original codebase dates to 1993). Overall, this release is around 20 times faster than the previous one.